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The Jamnica ride takes you to the hills surrounding our base. It features  single trails, fire roads and some dirt roads. Smooth single trails, abandoned tractor trails, awesome views and manageable climbs make it perfect for people who are just starting with mountain biking. However, also professionals will enjoy the offered playground.  Lunch will be enjoyed at a tourist farm around midday, after which some nice climbing will take you to our single trail park for a perfect ending to the day.

Distance: 30-40 km
Total ascent: 1,000-1,500m
Grade: 3C
Duration: 4-5 hours


We start with a single trail straight from our Bike Base. After that, we have around 1 hour of riding on fire roads and local tarmac roads in the neighbouring Austria to reach the slopes of Mt. Peca.

There, we load our bikes and ourselves in a cable car, which takes us all the way up to 1,700 m.a.s.l., where we reach the highest point of the day. After some rest time with a drink or a snack and beautiful scenic views of the area of our Mountain Bike Park, we ride downhill on single trails and fire roads back to Slovenia. Before reaching our lunch point, we will have to deal with some climbs and some amazing single trails. We will have our lunch at a nice mountain hut, situated near the Church of St Helen. Sitting on the terrace, perched on the edge with great views, we will enjoy a meal of traditional miners' food. This is where the beginning of our epic ridge single trail is, which will take us (with some uphill) down into the valley.  From there, a shuttle will take us back to our base.

Distance: 35-45km
Total ascent: 1,200-1,500m (1,200m ascent on ski lift)
Total descent:  1,300m
Grade: 4D
Duration: 5 hours


After about 5 km of a nice warm-up climb from our Bike Base, we reach a nice single trail, almost 9 km in length, down to the valley of the Meža River. After the downhill, we reach the beginning of  18 km of nice slowly ascending uphill along a fire road, passing the famous church of Leše, built by miners and farmers, and the church of Lenart with a great legend surrounding it. At the end of the climb along the fire road, there is a short technical uphill ahead, where most of us will be pushing our bikes. But when we come to the top, we will all agree that it was totally worth it. There is an opening to see the mountains around and the ridges where we will ride later in the day. All the climbing in the morning will pay off when we hit the single trail on the scenic ridge some off-chambers and mystic snake track wich is about 7 km long all the way down to the valley. From there we will ride downhill 4 km on a tarmac road to Mežica, from where we continue back to our base.

Distance: 50- 60km
Total ascent: 1,000-1,500m
Grade: 5D
Duration: 6 hours


From village of Črna, we reach the entrance to what we call underground fantasy world. This incredible ride takes almost two hours and is led by a trained underground cycling guide. You will be equipped with a caving light to fit under your helmet and then head into the dark. Along the way, we will stop to explore the caverns and old mine workings. It is night riding unlike anything you have ever experienced before, and even though it is not technical mountain biking this unique ride is a truly memorable experience.

On the other side of the mountain, where we come out again, we can climb for 3 km along an extremely steep dirt road to the beginning of one of our best  single trails down to small town of Mežica. This tour ends in the Mežica Mining Museum, where you will be able to see models, maps, tools and equipment used by miners, as well as a very nice collection of minerals from the mine.

* Underground tour is combined with some other rides, depending on the weather or wishes of the group.

Distance: 8-12km
Total ascent: 50-200m
Grade: 3C
Duration: 2-3 hours


A short technical ride, starting with a few kilometres of steep gravel road uphill to reach a nice meadow at the top. From there, we will start descending along a nice mud road, which changes into a great narrow single trail. After a short technical section we pop out on a gorgeous meadow trail with marvellous views of the village of Črna wrapped in the surrounding valleys. Back to the forest, 100 metres of steep technical climb and out again to see the mountains peaks in the area. At the end comes an open hill ridge single trail ride down to the town of Črna. This final descent is truly breathtaking – pictures of it are to be admired on the cover of our brochure and have featured in a range of mountain bike press too, it is that good and scenic.
Distance: 10-15 km
Total ascent: 200-500m
Grade: 3D
Duration: 2-3 hours


A short morning transfer or optional fire road climb brings us to the eastern edge of the Savinja Alps. This unique ridge of mini summits ranging from 1,200m to 1,600m makes for an amazing day of mountain biking as we travel almost its entire length from east to west. This ride takes us back to the ancient woodlands on some fabulous trails. There is a singletrack galore with plenty of roots, shoots and thrilling descents to keep everyone interested. We can stop for lunch at an impressive viewpoint – a farm where the lime tree is reputed to be over 700 years old, making it the oldest in the country. From here, the descent off the ridge takes in some twisting trails which cut down through dense, natural forest and occasionally pops out into open meadows for some cracking views. We finish in the Bistra Valley for a fast blast back to Črna, where our shuttle will be waiting for us to take us back to the base.

Distance: 30-45km
Total ascent: 900- 1,200m
Grade: 3C
Duration: 7-9 hours


Possibly the most amazing scenic journey in this part of the Alps. We transfer upwards to cut out some leg work, starting our ride at the highest farm in Slovenia. The biking first brings us around the slopes of Mt. Olševa. It is exciting in places with high speed descents on loose tracks.

You have to remind yourself to look up now and again to enjoy the views across the ridgelines to the little churches perched on the hillsides, or the craggy peaks at the end of the Logarska Valley. Lunch is taken at a small farm where all the food is produced on the premises. Once we are stuffed, we can blast down the long descent to the valley floor to ride across a dry riverbed, then on to the sweet single trail of the Logarska Nature trail. This pops us out right in the heart of the valley, amongst cows with jangling bells chewing on grass on Alpine pastures. Diving into a café, we can enjoy over cold beer in the sunshine while our bikes are loaded for the drive back to the base.

Distance: 30-35km
Total ascent: 500- 700m
Grade: 3C
Duration: 7 hours



More about tours

- We are very flexible and can adjust our tours to individual requirements.

- Great diversity of the landscape and trails gives us the posibility to have more tours than we can describe here.

- We have
a special programme of biking tours and additional activities for families with children.

- If you are interested in using our Bike Shuttle service, please contact us.

- Single Trail Camps
include bike shuttle service.


GUIDED TOURS: from 30€/person
(min 2 person; lunch and transfers not included)

INDIVIDUALS are WELCOME! Contact us for PRIVATE tour price or to join some groups.

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